The Costa Rica Guitar Quartet (CRGQ) was founded in 2008 with the aim of carrying out serious and innovative work within the field of chamber music, as well as the commitment to encourage the creation and dissemination of Costa Rican music.

Their repertoire consists of works originally composed for guitar quartet, as well as adaptations and arrangements of works from the standard repertoire from different periods, covering academic, traditional, and popular genres.

In 2011 they presented their first record entitled "Eso es Imposible", premiered on the XVIII Costa Rica International Guitar Festival.

In July, 2012 they get the 2nd prize in the III Mexico's Ensemble Contest, organized in the XV Taxco's International Guitar Festival, organized by the renowed guitarist Juan Carlos Laguna.

In 2013 they perform with the Cartago Symphony Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra of the Castella Conservatory, the famous Concierto Andaluz from spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo.

In 2014 they premiered Concierto de Uxarrací from costarican composer Carlos Castro, the first concerto for guitar quartet and orchestra in Central America.

In October, 2015 they make their first european tour, with successful presentations in The Hague (The Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Luxembourg, Paris (France), London and Cambridge (United Kingdom).

In 2016 they began the production of their second studio album entitled "Noche Caribe", which was presented on July, 2017, followed by a tour with presentations in all the provinces of the country.

In 2018 Costa Rica's Ministry of Culture grants them the National Music Award Carlos Enrique Vargas 2017 in Execution. In celebration of their X Anniversary they were touring from April to December in different cultural centers of the country. Also they made a tour in the United States with presentations in Chicago, New Orleans and Los Angeles.

In 2019 they begin the preparation and recording of their new album. The quartet was selected by the program Ibermusicas with aid for their participation in the International Guitar Festival of Granada, Spain in 2020.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, in 2020 they participated with a virtual concert at the IV Granada International Guitar Festival. His participation is postponed to 2021.

In 2021 they participate virtually in the GuitUNAM Festival of the Autonomous University of Mexico, in the concert dedicated to Guitar Quartets. In August, they tour Spain, participating in the V Granada International Guitar Festival and in the Garrigues Guitar Festival, in Lleida.

In 2022 they premiere with the Heredia Symphony Orchestra the Return Concert for Guitar Quartet and String Orchestra, by the Costa Rican composer Edín Solís, dedicated to our ensemble.

In 2023 they performed concerts in the 2022-2023 season at the Royal Opera House Muscat, in Oman, accompanied by a string quartet of Costa Rican musicians.

They have participated in National and International Festivals: International Guitar Festival of Granada and Garrigues Guitar Festival in Spain, Café Corotú in Panama, Heart of America in Nicaragua, FNA, Credomatic Music Festival, International Festival of the Arts, International Guitar Festival of Costa Rica, among others.

They have also collaborated on the albums "Compositores Nuevos... Visiones Nuevas: Música de Cámara Costarricense" and "Nosotros" with "Mobile 1" from José Mora-Jiménez, the album "Desde las Entrañas de mi Tierra" from composer Mauricio Zamora with "Camino a Turrialba" and in "Haikus" by the Costa Rican composer Eddie Mora, with the three-movement work Borgianas.


Manuel Durán Sanabria

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Degree in Music with emphasis on guitar and graduated from the Master of Arts of the University of Costa Rica.

Currently works as a professor at the same institution.

Edmundo Núñez Incer

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Graduated from the University of Costa Rica in the careers of Guitar and Composition.

He also participates in musical projects in other genres.

Julio Monge Villanea

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Bachelor in music with emphasis in guitar from the University of Costa Rica.

He develops himself in the music scene as classic guitarist and also in popular music as acoustic and electric guitarist.

Nicolás Alvarado Aguilar

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Degree in guitar from the University of Costa Rica.

He currently works as professor and Academic Coordinator of the program "Musica Abierta" of this institution.


We are proud to be part of the family of Augustine Artists.



Noche Caribe

Our latest production, dedicated to Costa Rican composers.
Includes works by: Edín Solís, Alonso Torres, Guido Sánchez-Portuguez, Carlos Rafael Rivera, Allen Torres, María Prétiz, Fidel Gamboa, José Arias and Edmundo Núñez Incer.

Available at:

Eso es Imposible

Our first production, a tribute to Ibero-American music, accentuating with special affection the production of Costa Rican composers.

Desde las entrañas de mi tierra

Record of works by the guitarist and composer Mauricio Zamora, awarded with the Annual Award for Unpublished Music of ACAM in 2012. We had the honor of interpreting the work "Camino a Turrialba".

Compositores nuevos... visiones nuevas

Record that compiles works of contemporary Costa Rican composers, produced by the composer Byron Latouche. In this recording we interpret "Mobile 1" by composer José Mora-Jiménez.


Production by the Musical Composition Seminar. In this Seminar we had the opportunity to premiere important works of Costa Rican composers.

Haikus - Eddie Mora

Album of works by maestro Eddie Mora, renowned Costa Rican composer and conductor, winner of the Latin Grammy. In this recording we interpret "Borgianas", a work of 3 movements



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